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"Metric Time" is currently



What is Metric Time?

Simply put, there are 100 metric seconds in a current minute, 100 metric minutes in a current hour, and 10 metric hours in a day.
A metric second is exactly 0.864 of a current second.

Why is it Good?

It good for many reasons. Adding and subtracting time becomes as easy as standard addition. Clocks will display fractions of the day/hour/minute.
6am is 2:50
Midday is 5:00
6pm is 7:50

To simplify the idea of metric time, think of the day as a fraction.
Currently, if a task takes you 2 hours, you are doing it in 2 / 24ths of a day. 2 divided by 24 is 0.0833333. Therefore 2 current hours equals a little over 83 metric minutes!

30 current minutes is very close 20 metric minutes

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